Free browser extension for smart keyword research 

Win the client with the right keyword.   
Get smart suggestions, collect phrases from any webpage and check analytics for keywords' performance at Google Search Console.

Do profound keyword research


Keyword suggestions at search engine  

Don’t switch between the keyword tools and organic SEPRs.
With SEMSTORM plugin you will receive the suggestions while you are searching for a phrase. Make analisis straignt at search engine.


Straight to SERPS 

Do profound research. With one click you can go to the SERP for every chosen keyword.
Check the headings and meta descriptions, that won the first position in Google.  


Find the longest tale :)

Deepen the research to find the long tail phrases. You can easily get more suggestions for the chosen keyword.
Export the list of phrases to CSV file and use them at your promotion activities. 

Every research
has an intent

Check, what are your clients really looking for!
SEMSTORM: Keywords will define the type of phrase basing on the user intent.

Choose the right phrase

With SEMSTORM: keywords you can easily do the keyword segmentation. Prepare the different content for those, who are ready to buy, and those, who need more information to make a decision.

E-commerce phrases

Find the phrases used by customers determined to make a purchase.  
Add e-commerce keywords to the product descriptions or use them in Google Ads campaign to boost your sales.

Content phrases

Customers use such content queries to find an answer. They are searching for an article to read or video to watch. 
Choose such phrases to optimize the content on your blog and rank high in SEPRs.

Install SEMSTORM: keywords for free

Use the plugin to find the most relevant phrases! 

Collect keywords everywhere

While reading the article or finding the great meta description. Choose phrases and add them to Keyword Storage. You can leave them for a while. Be sure, they will be safe! 

Export chosen keywords to the CSV file. For every phrase, you will get 10 additional suggestions with scores to define their type.  

And get the inspiration for the content

Content suggestions will help you to better understand your clients. SEMSTORM plugin will show you questions, that users ask the search engine.
Check, the problems that face your potential customers  and be on TOP 10 with the solution

What about SEO results?

What phrases have a great potential to bring even more traffic to your webpage?  
And which queries fail to attract new visitors?
SEMSTORM plugin helps to analyze the keywords' efficiency at Google Search Console.

Find the keyword with a potential

Don't miss an opportunity to optimise the content and get more visits to your webpage.

Check the phrases that need attention

Keywords that have many impressions but the small number of clicks need your help! SEMSTORM plugin will highlight them for you. 

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